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Resurrected in 2006, Souq Waqif has become the beating heart of Doha. A much-loved bazaar that sees both locals and tourists alike flock to its winding alleys in search of a sensory overload. In a country that strives to progress, and embrace the glitz and glamour of modern life, it’s easy for culture and tradition to be left behind. However, the Souq clings to Qatari heritage like nowhere else in the city, allowing for its visitors to peer into the past and experience a once forgotten time. Souq Waqif, meaning Standing Market, dates back more than a century, and chimes of an age when Bedouins would travel to the area to trade in fish, goats and wool. With mud-rendered buildings, exposed wooden beams and original charm, it’s easy to forget that you’re still in the centre of one of the world’s richest cities. The main boulevard is littered with award-winning restaurants and ornate shisha cafés, offering cuisines from all corners of the globe. The alleyways that stem from the main stretch allow for visitors to get lost in its labyrinth, and uncover some of the area’s hidden treasures. You’ll also find a maze of merchants selling everything from parrots to pashminas. A vast array of herbs and spices line the small lanes, filling the air with a distinct aroma exclusive to souqs across the Middle East. As night falls, Souq Waqif is cast with an air of enchantment. Live music, bright lights and traditional Qatari street food provide visitors with an atmosphere of unparalleled vibrancy. With festivities continuing into the early hours, many opt for the welcoming option to spend the night in one of the several five-star boutique hotels which are located around the souq. Their exquisite décor and luxurious Arabian inspired interiors ensure that each of the boutique hotels promises a truly unforgettable stay.

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