Posted 10th of January 2019

Katara launches first edition of amber beads expo

Press Release

Katara – the Cultural Village is set to launch today (Thursday, January 10) the first edition of the “Kahraman” (amber) beads exhibition at building 12, with around 80 participants from seven countries.

Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said this unique exhibition reflects Katara’s vision to invest in knowledge and culture by establishing a platform for this rare industry. 

He said he was happy to see Katara launching the first-of-its-kind exhibition specialised in this ancient industry, gathering experts from all around the world to help them find a market outlet for their products.

“This comprehensive cultural and commercial project Katara is launching in the field of Kahraman is one of its sustainable development projects which will be self-financed”, Dr al-Sulaiti noted.

Participants from Qatar, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Lebanon, Turkey and Kuwait will be attending the exhibition, displaying some of their finest manufactured pieces of Kahraman. The show will run until Saturday (January 12).

He announced that Katara will sign an agreement with the Poland-based International Amber Association that aims to boost co-operation and collaboration for organising the upcoming editions of the exhibition.

“This exhibition will also witness announcement of a permanent Kahraman centre based at Katara which will be a hotspot for amber merchants and enthusiasts to hold meetings and exchange expertise”, Dr al-Sulaiti said.

The exhibition features workshops on amber beads making.