Posted 15th of April 2019

 Tips for movers in Qatar

Words by Sarah Aljufairi

Qatar has been a hub for new movers around the world because of its consistent growth in industry, business, and social life as we grow closer to its 2030 vision. Below are 8 tips for movers who seek an understanding on how to properly settle as a resident in Qatar.

  1. Rent and Living Expenses:

Depending on your salary or benefits that may or may not come with your job, monthly living expenses can be as low as a minimum of 2,500 QR or go as high as 13,000 QR. (My Monthly Expenses and Cost of Living in Qatar, n.d.)

  1. Daily Expenses:

A food allowance can be set by the movers themselves since there are multiple grocery stores across the country that varies in product pricing. No less than 500 QR a month should be spent on groceries depending on the amount of people you are shopping for. Costs for leisure, once again, should be decided by the mover as it depends on their budget and amount of free time.

  1. Hotspots:

New movers usually have the interest in going to places that enlighten them on the cultural traditions and norms within the new country they are in. Places like the Museum of Islamic art, Qatar National Museum, Souq Waqif, Katara, Sealine and The Pearl are all examples of major hotspots in Qatar. In addition, Qatar is also oversaturated with restaurants, shopping malls, and lounge cafes.

  1. Transportation:

Ubers and taxis are commonly used incase movers don’t own a car or is not able to rent or buy one in time. Anyone 21 years and older would be able to rent a car in Qatar.

  1. Family Activities:

Family attractions in Qatar include various parks such as MIA park or Aspire zone. Sealine beach holds activities like sand duning, dirt biking, and buggy driving. Arcades can be found in Villagio mall and Megapolis in the pearl. Aquapark is a world class waterpark located in Salwa Road.

  1. Education:

Qatar has become a focal educational attraction in the middle east. Holding Qatar foundation, it occupies six prestige American universities, one British university, and one French university. Other universities, of course, exist outside of QF as well. Qatar academy is one of the many highly acclaimed grade schools offered to students from elementary all through high school.

  1. Finding work:

Qatar has the second lowest unemployment rate in the world being only a mere 0.6%. That being said, it is quite easy to find a job. In comparison to the jobs they may have had in the countries they previously resided in, movers should establish their expectations on their salaries and job positions. With these objectives in mind, it shouldn’t be hard for them to find work that suits their skills and capabilities.

  1. Qatar’s Climate:

Qatar is, after all, a desert, so anyone moving here can expect to experience extremely hot weather conditions at times. In the spring/summer time, temperatures often reach and can exceed up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. People spend most of the summer indoors or traveling to different countries to enjoy more tolerable weather conditions. Qatar’s winter however, is said to be the most beautiful time to enjoy outdoor sceneries and activities. Qatar’s refreshingly cool weather in the fall/winter lasts throughout all the months in between October to March.