Posted 9th of May 2019

Qatar’s First Ever Underground Metro

Words by Sarah Aljufairi

 After six years in the making, it’s finally happened! The Doha Metro finally opened temporarily for its test run in the next few days.

The metro will transport you to capitals and suburbs with all of the major locations easily within its reach. Most of the metro will be underground, in tunnels and it is to run a train every six minutes.

Economy (family) tickets are only 2QR each and the first class (gold) is 6QR. This underground railway system will make remarkable changes to carry our way closer to the 2030 vision, as well as allow more convenient transportation as we approach the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar is aiming to run 75 trains, finish two more lines as well as 37 stations by 2022. Join the residents of Qatar as they partake in one of the most revolutionary changes this country has made by taking their first ride, around Qatar, in the transportation system of our future.