Posted 8th of September 2019

What makes IT Chapter 2 "PROBABLY SCARIER" than part 1? Don't want you to know?

Haneen Saeed

The wait for the creepiest and scariest horror movie is over. IT chapter 2 were open in all cinemas across Qatar on Thursday, the 5th of September 2019. The movie generated a lot of buzz, with people wondering if it is the scariest Stephen King movie ever.

The story is based on King’s 1986 novel, where a group of kids in a small town called Derry decide to destroy a shape-shifting monster hiding behind an evil clown that loves to play with children and then consumes them.

The novel begins in summer 1989, when local children disappear one by one in a specific place known as "the barrens". IT (the shape-shifting monster) decides to follow a group of kids, who discover how that the monster is a shape-shifting demonic entity known to return every 27 years. IT preys on the kids' personal fears i.e., the evil clown Pennywise is IT, who can shapeshift into the thing one is most scared of. The film follows these kids trying to kill this creepy monster, made especially difficult as IT is one of their biggest fears.

The early reactions of the public were quite good after watching the trailer for Chapter 2. But what makes this chapter special for the viewers is a talented cast with the likes of Jessica Chastain & James McAvoy. The story for Chapter 2 is set 27 years later with the same kids mentioned earlier, after they become adults. The movie opens on September 6 in the US and UK, but social media reactions started to creep out on Tuesday. Here's a look at what some early viewers are saying through their twitter accounts:

"Probably scarier, but long"

"Truly epic feel"

"Gruesome, strange but rarely scary"

"First half is great"

"Bill Hader steals it"