Posted 14th of September 2019

La Casa De Papel: Social Media’s Latest Obsession

Manisha Choudhari

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are that you’ve heard of Netflix’s Spanish crime drama series, La Casa de Papel (or Money Heist). A viral success, Money Heist is Netflix’s most-streamed non-English series. Initially created as a two-part series by Álex Pina for Spain’s Antena 3, it was acquired by Netflix. The streaming service then renewed the series for two more seasons — the third season was released on July 19 this year. According to Variety, the season was watched by over 34 million people in a week after its launch, with over 70% of said people finishing the season within the first week, making it the most-watched series ever on Netflix.

The first two parts revolve around eight hardened criminals who come together under the guidance of a man called The Professor to loot the Royal Mint of Spain. Personally picked by the Professor, the criminals are given code names based on cities: Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Helsinki, Denver and Oslo. With strict rules set in place, they attempt to carry out the plan without any bloodshed. Some things do go awry, but 125 hours later, the robbers escape successfully. Part three is a lot more emotional — it revolves around the gang’s attempt to rob the Bank of Spain and free a captured member, Rio.

 What sets this series apart is that it’s not just a crime drama, every individual has their own story, their own character development, and their own interpersonal relationships. There is no black or white here, the line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is a blur. A riveting masterpiece, the show became extremely popular through word of mouth and social media. With over five million followers on Instagram, the show’s rising popularity knows no bounds, especially with season 4 on the horizon. With filming having wrapped up this month, fans are already on the edge of their seats for the upcoming season!