Posted 21st of September 2019

Snow Dunes: Qatar’s First Snow Park

Manisha Choudhari

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience snowfall in the middle of blistering desert heat? Well, here’s your answer! Earlier this month, Snow Dunes Doha opened its gates at Doha Festival City.

Snow Dunes Doha may look like an Arabian city but this winter wonderland maintains a temperature of -4 °C. The attraction covers 9,500 square kilometers, and has twelve rides, a cafe, a restaurant, a store, and VIP rooms.

Below are some attractions that you absolutely cannot miss:

  • Snow Motion: Who doesn’t love merry-go-rounds? Add some snow, and you’ve got the perfect winter experience for kids and adults!

  • Snow Slide: True to its name, Snow Slide is a snow-covered duo slide for kids, where they can race down to the bottom!

  • Snow Storm: Yet another duo racer slide, this one is for adults seeking an adrenaline rush!

  • White Dunes: With both individual and family tubes available, you can explore the snow-covered hills by yourself or with company!

  • Snowy Mount: Thrill seekers assemble! If you’ve ever wanted to conquer a mountain, here’s your chance to go on an action-packed adventure to the top of Snowy Mount!

  • Dune Dash: This is one ride you just cannot miss! Feel the icy wind as you swoop down the entire 50 meters of the longest slide in the park!

There are three different packages available for those interested in visiting: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Silver Package: Costs 190 QAR, with two hours of playtime. It lets you access a locker, the cold side, Slope, Snow Slide, and Snow Motion.

  • Gold Package: Costs 240 QAR, with three hours of playtime. It lets you access a locker, Slope, Snow Motion, Snow Slide (1 time), and Dune Dash (1 time).

  • Platinum Package: Costs 490 QAR, with unlimited playtime. Additionally, visitors can access the VIP Lounge, private queues, and go on all rides.