Posted 5th of October 2019

Netflix & Horror movies just in time!

Haneen Saeed

September and October indicate Fall; and Netflix has made a distinctive present for horror fans by releasing lots of exclusive and freaky content called "Netflix & Chills". Netflix announced its program on the 13th of September 2019 (last Friday).

This new topic comprises of several original horror shows & movies:

- Marianne (Sept.13): It's a French horror series based on a novelist. She is being haunted by a soul that's the major character she wrote about. The demon is, in fact, living and wants her to continue writing.

- In The Shadow Of The Moon (Sept. 27): A film for people that love older style (vintage) movies, it takes one back to 1988, when a police officer starts tracking a serial killer that strikes every nine decades, just to become enthusiastic about the case to the verge of insanity.

- In The Tall Grass (Oct. 4): It is like the famous picture IT chapter 2 but that this film can Provide you All the creeps surprise you cheer but using today's, mysterious turn.

- Creeped Out (Oct. 4): This is the anthology horror series' second season. Featuring a different story each episode, this isn't for the faint-hearted.

- Eli (Oct. 18): This picture is right for "Stranger things" This flick revolves around Eli, who lives secluded from the world thanks to a strange disease. He moves in with a doctor to undergo a radical new treatment. But once he moves with a physician to experience a radical new therapy, it feels like his period at the brand new house can possibly offer more of a curse than a treat

Finally, there is Rattlesnake, which will be unveiled on Oct. 25. It is the story of a mum, Katrina, who is off to start a fresh life with her daughter Clara.

There are a lot more films on the Netflix & Chills program such as Chills, thrills, and Humorous stories for that complete family. It resembles the streaming agency's newest "Netflix & Chill.” Simply make sure you keep the lights during your terror marathons.