Posted 22nd of October 2019

Disney+ VS. Netflix!

Haneen Saeed

If you grew up with Disney World and knew every single movie or cartoon, the good news is that there's a freshly made Disney experience coming your way. Disney has revealed a full new package called Disney+ that brings lovely memories & great times from the House of Mouse directly to your living room TV.

The good news is that Disney+ is not limited to only classic films, it will include new & latest shows for instance, Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian and all those Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. For more information check out the Attraction magazine or visit their website and find out the exact list of what will be launched through Disney+.

90’s cartoons will also be available such as; Gargoyles, the short-lived Agent Carter, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Star Wars franchise, and Pixar legends like Wall-E. You can see the whole schedule of shows via JustWatch.

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Disney+ is rumored to be released on November 12th, 2019. Disney is still fine tuning the content before the official announcement however we believe the list we have shared here is fairly accurate.

With this announcement Walt Disney is confirming how serious it is about entering into the lucrative content streaming market. Disney has a large selection of shows and with a price of 12$ per month it will compete directly with Netflix. To entice customers there will be an initial promotion of only 7.88$ per month including classic animated films like Mulan, Cinderella and original TV shows like Even Stevens & Lizzie McGuire. In addition to the Marvel Studios library, all the Star Wars film, 20th Century Fix archives, and every single episode of the Simpsons.

Disney+ will also be offering original movies beside new TV series. You can find the full movie list at the Student Problems website.