Posted 27th of October 2019

Countdown starts for Qatar’s most anticipated season of the year!

Rumana Razick

Dust out your winter clothes and pull out your camping gear because the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has announced that the camping season for 2019/20 will run from October 30 this year to March 30 next year.

Credit: Marhaba Qatar

With the countdown for the most anticipated season of the year around the corner, everyone’s got their eyes set on Qatar’s inviting camp sites and beaches. MME’s Committee for Regulating Camping Activities, further stated that requests for camping permits can be submitted from October 14 to December 31, though the Ministry’s website, its mobile app ‘Aoun’ and government service complexes.

In an attempt to enforce public safety and environmental protection while providing an enjoyable experience for campers, the MME has also launched the Best Camp Award for the very first time this year. According to the Ministry, this was initiated to encourage all campers to follow the rules at the camping sites and beaches designated for public entertainment.

While camping is undoubtedly the most anticipated activity of the season, this year most of Qatar is also looking forward to indulging in the activities lined up at Al Enna. Claiming to be one of Qatar’s most appealing destinations for the season after the implementation of the project last year, Al Enna promises a variety of entertainment for its visitors. Launched as a pilot project last year, Al Enna developed the Sealine and Inland Sea regions to spice up the entertainment for its seasonal visitors.

In addition to accommodating 15,000 visitors at the Al Seef beach area in Sealine, the project also saw the creation of five designated zones offering a variety of activity and entertainment, including eight biking tracks, a 300,000 square metre space for quad bikes and ATVs and a mini souq. The well facilitated zones also include over 30 food and beverage outlets, beach cabins, shower facilities, open parking spaces, storage areas and a fuel supply zone.

Credit: Xinhua News

For those interested in experiencing a whiff of Qatari culture, the Al Mashab zone comes with ten tents where visitors can enjoy an authentic desert experience and family entertainment inspired by Qatari heritage. Designed in the shape of a village with a bonfire at its heart, the Al Mahab zone also offers the opportunity for the public to indulge in a traditional Qatari cuisine.

Credit: Peninsula Qatar

With a host of activities lined up for this season, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a thrilling one!