Posted 28th of October 2019 - A leading digital company for commercial and tourism services

Press Release

We thank Al-Raya newspaper for interviewing Mr. Abdulla Al Salahi to talk about our most outstanding projects through this article...

Mr. Abdulla Al Salahi said that his project is a leading and trusted digital company in the State of Qatar to be a source for commercial, tourism and government aggregated information & services to enable individuals in Qatar to smartly access online services and information through multiple digital channels. It also uses and relies on technology to facilitate and manage sales, increase business efficiency in providing better services, minimize costs and increase profits through its multiple digital channels to enable businessmen and companies to provide different services to all customers in one place, offering an optimal and pleasant shopping experience and to enjoy quality and privileged services anywhere.

Mr. Al-Salahi pointed out that project includes several digital channels such as the website, Mobile App and smart self-service kiosk, which provides its visitors and users with many services that help in facilitating a lot of the daily requirements such as (knowing the prices of miscellaneous goods, ordering Taxi cars, buy cinema tickets, find out and use Al Meera Reward Points, and many other cognitive and entertainment services).

He clarified that the smart self-service kiosk is one of the most important portals to enter the era of Smart City by using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, so that entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from many unique features such as knowing the numbers of visitors, and their reviews about their services and goods and offer them a distinct business reports, helping in increasing the efficiency of sales based on knowledge and statistics such as age groups, visit times, optimal sales times, the most sold or ordered goods and many more statistics that will help any small, medium or large company to provide and launch qualitative services targeting many different age groups of customers, and he also pointed out that this smart kiosk is designed and manufactured in line with international specifications compatible with people with special needs and Americans with  Disability Act (ADA).