Posted 11th of December 2019

Dining Etiquette Tips to Use When Visiting Fancy Restaurants

Employing basic manners when eating out is simple, but lavish eateries are a whole different ballgame. Worried about which flatware to use & how to excuse yourself to the restroom? Fret not, for here are some dining conduct rules to assist on your next visit to a deluxe eatery:

  • Attire: Dress codes aren’t suggestions or optional. Skip wearing casual outfits like jeans & tee and put on something nice. In case of any doubts, call the establishment in advance to double-check.

  • Once seated, put the napkin on your lap instead of tucking it into your shirt. If needed, use it to wipe your mouth in a dabbing motion. If you're being taken out for a meal, wait till the host/hostess places their napkin on their lap.

  • Don’t start eating before everyone else. However, if you need to send food back for whatever reason, let everyone know that they should continue without you.

 Image: Jay Wennington, Unsplash

  • While having soup, consume from the side of the spoon without putting the entire thing in your mouth.

  • About silverware, one must work their way outside in. Usually, cutlery that's on the farthest end is meant for the first course. The closer it is to one’s plate, the later it must be utilized. If you drop it, ask for it to be replaced instead of picking it back up.

 Source: Wikipedia

  • Rather than lean past others to take food, request that someone pass it over.

  • Avoid keeping your elbows on the table while eating.

  • Regarding drinks, place a hand on top of the glass and signal to the waitstaff if you don't want anything.

  • If you need a waiter, make eye contact first & then signal silently. If you can't do that, raise your hand so they can come to you. On the same note, don't be rude to them. If something is wrong with your food, don't be rude to them. Explain what the problem is and request them to please get it fixed.

 Image: LuckyLife11, Pixabay

  • If you’re required to leave the table, excuse yourself before moving.

  • Checking your phone throughout dinner is considered impolite. Set it on Do Not Disturb mode, and put it away.